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Subscription Information

  • What is the suscription fee after the free trial period expires?
  • Can I still access my account after my subscription expires?
  • How can I delete my account?

Account Setup

  • Once I've subscribed, how do I set up my account?


  • How do I add a license to my account?
  • How can I edit my licenses?
  • How can I delete a license?
  • How can I view the details of one of my licenses?
  • I've renewed my license, how do I update the expiration date on my account?

Continuing Education

  • How do I add a continuing education activity to my account?
  • How do I edit a continuing education activity?
  • How do I delete a continuing education activity?
  • How do I view the details of a continuing education activity?
  • Please define the different types of continuing education.

Continuing Education Logs

  • How do I view continuing education logs?
  • How do I generate past continuing education logs?
  • Why isn't my continuing education activity showing up in my log?

Continuing Education Overview

  • What is the continuing education overview?

Email Reminders

  • How do I change my email preferences?
  • Why aren't my email reminders displaying properly?
  • How do I resubscribe to email reminders?